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Over the past few years, Cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon. Everybody is talking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but they might not know it's creating more than a buzz. The rise of Cryptocurrency is creating many new job opportunities for people from all over the world. Today, several well-known companies offer job opportunities in this field as a bitcoin startup, blockchain developer, and even entry-level cryptocurrency roles.

Let's dig into it and find out how to pursue your career in the Cryptocurrency or blockchain-related field. And what kind of job opportunities are available in the UK cryptocurrency market. Also, how do you get a cryptocurrency job for yourself?

Market Trends in crypto

The UK's demand for Blockchain and crypto experts has tremendously increased in recent years. Moreover, crypto comes first in the top list of fastest-growing skills all over the globe. The last months of 2019 alone witnessed almost 2,000 jobs related to Blockchain and crypto manifest themselves. The primary reason why people are pursuing their careers in Blockchain and crypto is that their jobs are paid very well, and that is not surprising, considering the demand-supply mismatch.

According to various job analytics and researchers, a blockchain expert earns $130,000 annually compared to a mainstream software developer who earns almost $105,000 annually. The salary was even higher in certain regions.

who is giving opportunities

These are the following four significant players hiring in the crypto job market.


Today, many big companies such as banks, accountancy firms, oil & gas, insurance, retailer, and law offices are getting involved in Cryptocurrency and hiring people to keep up with this latest technology.


Since the invention of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, startup founders and investors making Fund Raising and investment strategies to get benefits in the crypto market and create job opportunities in crypto and Blockchain.

IT firms

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are creating several job opportunities in tech firms. Blockchain-related technologies are changing the world, particularly in the tech industry, and generating many career opportunities for the crypto community.


Blockchain-related technologies are promising for governments as well. They have been hiring a large number of crypto experts to advise them. In short, Blockchain experts are in high demand.

Career Opportunities in Crypto

This is the list below of Blockchain and cryptocurrency-related jobs in the market today:

Blockchain Programmers

As a blockchain programmer, you can get a job in technology companies, Financial services, and private and government sectors. Blockchain programmers and developers can get a position in these employment categories.

Blockchain Testers

As a Blockchain Tester, you must perform quality control (QC) to test the blockchain-based platforms. However, They need manual and automated testing expertise to ensure error-free blockchain operations across the web and mobile.

Cryptocurrency Web Designers

According to research from business site, many large corporations and startups are interested in incorporating Blockchain. Generally, start by adopting cryptocurrency payments. So they need a user-friendly and flexible web platform to allow for efficient and secure crypto transactions. As a web designer, you have an excellent opportunity to be a part of those corporations and startups to pursue your crypto career as a web designer. You need to build these platforms that can create appropriate crypto user interfaces.

Cryptocurrency quality Engineers

You can work as a crypto engineer of a corporation and pursue your career in crypto. As a crypto engineer, you are responsible for determining the company's technology requirements and using blockchain technologies to design and execute suitable solutions.

Cryptocurrency legal Consultants

Legal minds specializing in cryptocurrencies are in high demand by businesses across various Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) stages, such as designing and overseeing ICOs. The regulatory framework governing them is becoming more and more strict every day. Moreover, companies require engineers and consultants with expertise in the blockchain and crypto domain to face several fintech projects and numerous implementation challenges.

How to get a job in crypto?

These are the following things you need to keep in mind to get your foot in the door.

First of all, all you need to do is be familiar and enthusiastic about Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that crypto uses. However, it does not matter whether you've been investing personally or running your mining rig. If you're going to land a job and dive into it, You must have helpful information about how Blockchain-related works to understand crypto in a better way. Fortunately, Most cooperation won't require in-depth knowledge of crypto technology because they know it's a new industry and still evolving, so they may be willing to train talent on the job. In short, having a piece of knowledge about Blockchain will only increase your chances of getting the job.

Secondly, have a background in the kind of work you want to do. If you're going to become a blockchain developer, holding a "normal" developer role will make you an attractive candidate. If you want to be a cryptocurrency project manager, have must have experience in project management to create an ideal candidate.

Top UK blockchain and cryptocurrency companies

The UK is becoming the most prominent Blockchain and cryptocurrency market in 2021. It is a place that, to a large extent, determines the European financial balance. UK's regulations have become flexible and favorable on blockchain business and cryptocurrency operations. That attracts numerous blockchain companies to open their business here.

Let's find out which top companies are pulling strings in the UK blockchain market.

1. Setl

Setl is a convenient blockchain platform that offers blockchain-based solutions for financial markets, asset management, and payments. The primary objective of the company is to provide a real-time financial settlement. The company enables market participants to transfer their funds and assets directly from one party to the other. At the same time, they are facilitating the immediate and final settlement of market transactions.

Setl uses a distributed ledger platform to record transactions, simplifying matching, settlement, custody, registration, and transaction reporting.

2. BlockVerify

BlockVerify is another UK top company that has set some serious goals by verifying the authenticity of all products through Blockchain. With the help of blockchain technology, users can store each product's history and trace it back to its origin. Moreover, This technology would help to identify stolen products quite easily. Pharmaceuticals were the first product to which the company applied blockchain verification because damages caused by counterfeit medicines are enormous, and their effects are pretty devastating.

In addition, The company also works with the product manufacturer to make sure the authenticity and quality of each item. According to the BlockVerify team, their primary objective is to "make the world more honest."

3. Elliptic

Elliptic has been a great provider of crypto-asset risk management solutions for crypto businesses and financial institutions since 2015. The company creates a new standard for compliance in the crypto industry by maintaining a database of millions of Bitcoin. The primary goal of Elliptic is to prevent, detects, and pursue the criminal activity in cryptocurrencies. It also identifies illegal activity in cryptocurrencies and provides actionable intelligence to cryptocurrency companies, financial institutions, and government agencies.

4. Billon

The Billon company has come up with a revolutionary payment system based on the distributed ledger using one of the attributes of blockchain technology. Billion is a very mature organization operating blockchain technology compared to other companies. Now, the company is planning to extend its innovative solution and revolutionize the banking industry. Compared to traditional banking, Billon provides a more reliable, convenient, efficient, and secure solution. For instance, the usual way of transactions takes a lot of time and effort during the verification of both parties, and, in some cases, a prepayment is required.

Meanwhile, traditional banking institutions also apply multiple security mechanisms to protect their customers' funds. But, In Billon, people don't need to pay additional security measures due to the inherent security mechanisms of the Blockchain. Moreover, transactions also take much less time while remaining as secure as expected.

5. Coinfirm

Coinfirm is another big name in the UK crypto market that offers AML solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain assets, creating a safer and growing crypto-economy. It provides the industry's most extensive blockchain coverage, supporting over 1,400 cryptocurrencies and protocols, including some big-name such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger.

The company's blockchain analytics and AML solutions are used by market leaders worldwide, ranging from crypto exchanges such as Binance, and protocols like XRP, to major financial institutions like PKO BP.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, not even a day goes by without news from the blockchain and cryptocurrency universe. Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the world of digital currency. The rise of Cryptocurrency is creating a tremendous amount of job opportunities for people worldwide. If you are a UK citizen and want to pursue your career in crypto and Blockchain, then the list of companies you have just read is our best pick. You must apply one of them to start your crypto career in this life-changing technology. In short, No matter your current skills or level of expertise, it's an industry that is evolving every day, and it's well worth considering.



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